The second InvaCost Workshop will take place on the week of the 7-11 of November, 2022.

It will be focused on deepening our understanding of the economic costs of biological invasions, and more precisely on three themes:

  • extrapolating the costs that we don’t have
  • forecasting the future costs
  • statistically linking the economic costs to the ecological impacts

We are still looking for a few participants, in particular we are looking for people able to perform statistical analyses or modelling, for women and coming from outside Europe and North America.

Please contact me if you are interested. I will be selecting on a mixture of skills, discipline representativeness and motivation. There likely will be much more application than available seats, so please write to me a letter showing your motivation. For example, show me that you have looked closely at the database (adding new data would be an excellent way, here is the link to the database) and that you have read some of the papers we wrote on the topic. The priorities to read are

  • High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide.
  • Invacost: a public database of the global economic costs of biological invasions.
  • What are the economic costs of biological invasions? A complex topic requiring international and interdisciplinary expertise.
  • Analysing economic costs of invasive alien species with the invacost R package.
  • The nature of economic costs of biological invasions.

You can find all these papers (and more) here